"...why Moro is never the true name of your people"?

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"...why Moro is never the true name of ur people ...and why should people said Tausug Muslim?"

by Neldy Jolo on Thursday, November 10, 2011 at 8:52pm

A friend named 'aN asked me about Tausug and Moro and Sabah. Here are the questions:

Assalamualaikum, how r u...?? lama menyepi...is everything ok..??
Hope not too late to wish u, Eid Adha.. May Allah Bless u and ur people in a good Dignity always.. amin! can i ask u something...?? based on ur status 30mnt ago..

Rayyan Makno: "Islam teaches the truth and nothing but the truth. Moro is never the true name of our people."
i agreed with the first statement.. but for the "Moro is never the true name of our people." its confusing me... can u help me to expain that...??

Dalam buku Tausug & Kesultanan Sulu, "Bangsa Moro membawa maksud kesatuan semua etnik yang menganut islam...."(Bab 2, pg16).
and one of ur comment stated that Tausug-Muslim..

Tausug dalam buku pula "Bangsa ini telah gemilang dan terbilang setelah mereka KESEMUANYA menganut islam" maknanya..Tausug senonimnya beragama islam...then why Moro is never the true name of ur people..?? and why should people said TAusug Muslim..??
another thing that i can't imagine until now...

how Sabah can be part of Malaysia if yearsss back, Sabah is part of ur land...
i asked bapak, n he ask me to read about sejarah Malaysia...i know about sejarah Sabah masuk Malaysia but i want to know from ur perspectives, from ur point of view as one of perjuang kemerdekaan Tausug… sorie... im still reading this book and its hard to understand n imagine it.. its a HISTORY dude...!! huh...!! pening.. .but i promise, ill finish this book as soon as i can..

now im trying coz as i reach the middle of the book, the story become more interesting... hope i can finish by this week.. pray the best for me…

Neldy Jolo
hehe…thanks for the question...
let me clear it to you from the basis of history...

owh... pls give me the simplest way for me to understand...
why should U said thanks... im the one who asked u.. :

Neldy Jolo
MORO is nowadays a term given to the Muslims way back the coming of Spanish to the Sulu Archipelago (Sultanate of Sulu) and Mindanao (Sultanate of Maguindanao) in the year 1578...So Moro is not the original name for the people of Sulu and Mindanao. Moro is just to identify the Muslim from Christian called Indio and eventually became Filipino.

TAUSUG is a collective term for the people of Sulu Archipelago (Tausug means Sulu People - Tau is people, Sug is Sulu.)
North Borneo was part of the Sulu Sultanate and was leased by British North Borneo Company in 1878. North Borneo got independence on August 31, 1963 and eventually join Malaysian Federation in September 16, 1963 as State of Sabah...

Neldy Jolo
In the spirit of historical account, North Borneo still part of Sulu Sultanate but as Sabah it is already part of Malaysia no doubts to that. Malaysian Government pays yearly in the name of North Borneo lease to the Sultan heirs of the Sulu Sultanate based from the judgement of British Judge or North Borneo Macaskie...

Neldy Jolo
Yes Tausug is synonymous to Muslim but in the context of name or citizenship Tausug is name of the citizens of Sulu Archipelago (Sultanate of Sulu). Tausug is called Suluk in Malaysia...

Neldy Jolo
In summary:
Moro is a religious identity for the Muslim people of Mindanao and Sulu Archipelago. When you say "Moro" u would mean Muslim - refering to religious identity. Tausug is national identity of the people of Sulu Archipelago (Sultanate of Sulu). When you say "Tausug" u would mean people of Sulu Archipelago - referring to national identity...but Tausug is Muslim based from their religious identity (Moro as Spanish called them such).

ok. thats mean, Tausug people is not 100% muslim..ist?? coz its referring to national identity... while Moro = muslim (given name by "them")..than, its mean muslim there prefer to call them Tausug Muslim, where they will get clearer identity..?and its real that Msia gov paid RM5,000 yearly to Kiram's Family..?? and where r those people (Kiram Family) stay now??

Neldy Jolo
Yes "Tausug" as national identity is referring not to religious identity…but if you say Tausug it is synonymous to Muslim - because before the coming of Islam to Sulu Archipelago they have been as Tausug or Sulug (Sulu People or People of the current)... Like when say Malaysian, it doesnt mean Muslim. but If you say Malay it would be Muslim in Malaysia...In Indonesia when say Malay or Melayu, it doesnt mean Muslim. Right?

Kiram Family are scattered all over the world, but the one that recieved the payment are staying either in the Philippines and Sulu Archipelago...Yes Malaysian Government paid them.

Neldy Jolo
When Tausug embrace Islam in 11th century their name as Tausug/ Suluk/Sulug never changed...That is why West called them Moro of Sulu or Muslim of Sulu or simply Sulus who embraced Islamic Faith...We have to identify the National Identity and the Religious Identity. Like the Word "Melayu" in the broader context doesn't mean Muslim or religious, but Racial Identity. Right? It is only in Malaysia that" Melayu" is synonymous to Muslim or Islam.

To make it more clear: Tausug is both National Identity for All of the inhabitants of Sulu Archipelago at the same time synonymous to Islam. We have to look at the different ethnics of the Sulu Archipelago as part of the collective national identity, Tausug...
Ethnics that are within Sulu Archipelago (Sulu Sultanate) collectively called Tausug are:

  • 1. Buranun (Muslim)
  • 2. Baklaya (Muslim)
  • 3 Tagimaha (Muslim)
  • 4. Banjar (Muslim)
  • 5. Sama (Muslim)
  • 6.Dampuan (Muslim)
  • 7. Yakan (Muslim)
  • 8. Subanen (Mostly Christian and No religion)
  • 9.Kalibugan (Muslim - former Subanen)
  • 10. Mulbug (Muslim)
  • 11. Jama Mapun (Muslim)
  • 12. Bisayan (Christian and some embrace Islam)
  • 13. Palawani (Muslim)
  • 14. Bangingi (Muslim)
  • 15. and many other...

ok! cleared than.. thank u so much Mr Neldy!

Neldy Jolo
You are welcome…if u have clarification let me know...

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  1. There's a story dating back 14th century, the person by the name Sharif Hashim which is ulama from Yemen or Halajar Maut Thst bring the beauty of Islam in Balangingi Island
    The question is, please verify this statement? Who is this ulama?

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