Cendera Mata Peninggalan Perang Jepun di Jolo, Sulu.

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Dear Brother Asree,

I am writing this letter to seek for assistance to contact the rightful person in connection with the HISTORICAL MEMORABILIA of the Diet House of Japan (Please see attachement). I have also heard about Sheiji Shemomura who came to Philippine looking for the said artifact, I searched his address in the internet and prepared a letter for him but until now no response has been received by the undersigned or whether or not it reaches Mr. Sheiji (Please see attached letter). 

We firmly believe that the said item is indeed owned by somebody connected with any of the family of the Royal Highness in Japan considering the fact that the seal of the emperor is found on the surface of the artifact and other important markings such as Mount Fuji, the Diet House of Japan among others. I do understand this is very historical in nature.
In view threof, I would like to personally turn over this item to the rightful owner in lieu of something beneficial to my family and my home town or a finder's reward shall be accorded to us. I have made some research about this coin for your ready reference. (Please see attached). I would like also to officially transact this thru proper channel, the Japanese Embassy or any of your Japanese Friend if you have.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you


Municipal Planning & Development Coordinator
Department Head I
Concurrent In-Charge of  Jolo Area Coordinating Center
Office of the Mayor
7400-Jolo, Sulu (Philippines)

Saudara Ruhir berasal dri Jolo Sulu telah menghubungi saya dari Jolo setelah terbaca blog Tausug-Global. Walau pun beliau tidak memahami bahasa dalam blog beliau berusaha mencari kawan yang boleh berbahasa Melayu di Jolo untuk alih bahasakan kandungan blog untuk mudah beliau fahami.

Beberapa hari beliau menghubungi saya melalui telepon mudah alih beliau dari Jolo agar syiling besar (lebih besar dari telapak tangan) yang beliau beli dari pada penyelam kaum Bajau Laut di Jolo beberapa tahun yang lalu. Beliau percaya syiling besar berupa seperti tembaga itu adalah kepunyaan kerajaan Jepun era Perang Dunia ke-2. Ini kerana beberapa individu yang ada kaitan dengan Maharaja Jepun pernah datang ke Cebu yang beliau percaya sedang mencari sesuatu.

Sesungguhnya beliau sangat berharap untuk mengembalikan barang berharga tersebut kepada kerajaan Jepun atau pemilik kepada cenderamata itu. Sesiapa yang berminat atau yang punya perhubungan dengan individu pencari barang antik Jepun bolehlah menghubungi saya.

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