TAHNIAH!! Kelantan Mula Menggunakan DINAR & DIRHAM

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Kelantan Gold Dinar of 5 denominations

Kelantan Silver Dirham of 5 denominations

What these coins mean to Kelantanese people? They mean a lot, they mean freedom, the people now can say: “Let us choose whether we want Malaysian Ringgit, American Dollar or Kelantan Gold Dinar. You can tell us that your money is better than the other but let us decide whether we want it or not”.


"The liberation of Muslims in Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Pattani, Mindanao, Sulu is starting now, from Kelantan! No more blaming others, we have to turn to Allah and His Deen!" - said Captain Hajj Awaludin Mohal, honorary advisor of Muamalah Council Malaysia.


Get ready to travel to Kota Bharu in July and witness the History which your grandchildren will ask you about.


Source: http://muamalahcouncil.com/component/content/article/100-the-kelantan-dinars-and-dirhams-have-arrived.html

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