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The Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam fully supports the framework agreement between the Philippine government and Moro Islamic Liberation Front which was brokered by Malaysia over a period of more than a decade. To the people of Mindanao, the accord should be able to transform the status of the Bangsamoro Muslims from the margin of poverty into progress and stability, if implemented to the letter and spirit. Kudos to the leaders of the MILF for their pragmatism in being able to read correctly the handwriting on the wall, and what are being conveyed between the lines. They deserved only AUTONOMY! a form of government that will perpetually remained at the mercy of the central authority.

HRH Sultan Bantilan Muhammad Mu'izzuddin II of the Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam (SSDI) wish to caution the Bangsamoro Muslims to be wary of unforeseen circumstances so as not to be carried away by the euporia of the event, saying the road to success is still long and winding. Within the next five or six years, he said, all stakeholders need to be vigilant in face of possible sabotage by certain elements who may have felt short-changed or marginalized in the process.

For the Tausugs of the Sultanate of Sulu, there is still no substitute or alternative to full-fledged freedom and independence. They shall protect whatever gains achieved in the last few years of peaceful transition.

SSDI is cognizant of the political ploy played by both the GPH and MILF leaders in neither giving weight nor hint to the non-violent struggle of the Tausugs in reclaiming their rights of self-determination and independence. But they can talk about anything under the sun, as long as they won't soak their dirty hands into the life-blood of the Tausugs' ancestral domains without mutual consent or proper coordination.

To the unwary Tausugs and Bangsamoro Muslims, please take note, the agreement is only for AUTONOMY, similar to but a little bit better than the MNLF's Final Peace Agreement and ARMM. It is still far from independence! Therefore, the word "Mahardika" does not apply!

Datu Habib Sakiral Daie @ Zakaria Abdullah
Foreign Affairs Minister cum Executive Minister
Sulu Darul Islam

Kenyataan tambahan dari Datu Habib Sakiral dalam web rasmi Kesultanan Sulu Darul Islam (SSDI)

"Neither side seems to have made reference to the facts promulgated and served notice by the SSDI since its declaration of reassertion of Independence in writing and in publications mostly over electronic media.

If both sides aim for peace and stability in this part of the nation and the world, they should not fail to take notice of and heed the general aspiration of the Tausug citizens of the newly revived sovereign Sultanate of Sulu Darul Islam.

History and the freedom-loving peoples of the world will not forgive current leaders who pay deaf ear to the Independence restoration movement, among the only few known to be carried out through non-violence and peaceful means.

The peace-loving Tausugs of Sulu Darul Islam appeal to the good Filipinos and the freedom-loving citizens of the world community not teach them again the violent methods of achieving their inalienable rights of self-determination and independence that had been deprived them for so long by successive colonialists."

Disampaikan oleh Menteri Luar SSDI Merangkap Penasihat kepada PBMM Sultan Bantilan II (Menteri Eksekutif),

Datu Habib Sakiral Daie @ Zakaria Abdullah
Foreign Affairs Minister cum Executive Minister
Sulu Darul Islam

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