No reason for Manila consulate in Lawas

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It is a hare-brained scheme on the part of the Manila government to agree to the setting up of a consulate in Lawas to cater for its citizens in Sabah.


It appears that the Philippine government has finally come around to the idea of having a consulate to cater for its citizens in Sabah. The catch is that the consulate may not be in Sabah, after all, but just across the border in Lawas, Sarawak, which ironically doesn’t need such an arrangement.
Ostensibly, a consulate in Lawas avoids giving the appearance to the world that Manila recognises Sabah as being part of Malaysia. In any case, Lawas is a hare-brained scheme on the part of the Manila government.

It’s unlikely that Sarawak will allow hordes of illegal immigrants from Sabah to cross into the state to get their papers in order. Any Philippine consulate in Sarawak should be in Kuching, not Lawas.
There is an element of diplomatic double talk, if not semantics, here with the focus on Lawas. Possession is nine-tenths of the law. Besides, since Manila has an ambassador in Kuala Lumpur, it effectively scuttles its Sabah claim.

The Philippines has for all practical purposes recognised Malaysia, which includes Sabah.
Further, the fact that Manila is doing virtually nothing to pursue its Sabah claim is another point which underlines the utter futility of the cause, if any. The loss of Pulau Batu Putih to Singapore and the islands of Sipadan and Ligitan to Malaysia can be kept in mind. Also, every country in Asean – of which the Philippines is a founder member – the United Nations General Assembly and Security Council, and the rest of the world have recognised Malaysia. If we are to go along with the Philippines’ “determination” to maintain the fiction of its Sabah claim, the fact also remains that it cannot “seek the entire territory of the state”.

Sulu – now part of the Philippines – used to claim the eastern third of Sabah (evidently named after the Sabah banana plant), just below the northern one third, among its “colonial” but non-territorial possessions. The northern third used to be part of the Brunei Sultanate’s non-territorial “colonial” possessions until it, and the eastern third, was handed to Sulu in 1658 by the triumphant rival in a struggle for the throne in Bandar Seri Begawan. This was for the Sulu Sultan’s help to the winning side in Brunei....
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Comment by Yazir Rajim in his Facebook Wall,

"Philippines Consulate office is not a solution to the Illegal Problems in Sabah. The Solution is in the restoration of the Sultanate of Sulu. The Philippines gov't had tried setting up a temporary consulate in Sandakan enable to provide Passports for Illegal Filipinos in Sabah. What is the result? Many passport holders were hiding after the expiration of their visas. Why? The levy is not friendly to a merely constructor workers.. Think of it! Sultanate of Sulu is still the relevant solution to the problem being faced by the Muslims whom you called "Muslim Filipino". Sultanate of Sulu is not part of the Philippines. It is only the Sultanate of Sulu who can speak of Sabah not the Philippines. Sorry." - TGM

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