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It's a pity
the Tausug may never get a good and honest leader of high scholastic repute. First they have a Misuari who was a UP lecturer and a 'political scientist', but he stirred the MNLF ship into the wrong direction leaving many Tausug stranded along the way to the original objective.

Now, here comes another one, an attorney-at-law who brags about himself as so and so in the legal fraternity, to the point of belittling and ignoring the capability of other members. Unfortunately, this so-called Atty also manipulated the proceedings under the very noses of senior members in the leadership, including the Sultan who he earlier recognized and who gave him full trust to propagate the matter from the legal point of view, especially to the professionals.
Surprisingly, the Atty chose to go the grassroots most of whom had already accepted the Movement thru the earlier campaign of the Sultan. He taught the people what they could not understand.

So, what he got was only praises for being 'very brilliant' because none of his audience could understand the high level lecture he was 'dubbing'. Later, it was found out, the reason he chose not to preach to the professionals is because of his unacceptability to many who know his background and capability. In his attempt to cover that weakness, he found an ally, a certain datu Albi who he 'appointed' prime minister without the concurrence of others in the leadership. It came out that Albi's reputation is no better than his. So, they found out many leaders were not comfortable with them around, the reason they sought the best way to bolt out of the 'cordon sanitaire'.

While still in the good graces of other leaders, they demanded many things, including fat allowances, while all others were practicing thrifts and self reliance so as not to compromise the Movement in the early stages yet. So, they heard that there is a wealthy datu in Sabah. With fat bonus in mind, they went for it and succeeded to certain extent, only to realize they had crossed a border of different laws and nationality.

Having been cornered, they tried to fight back by faulting the Sultan they purposely dumped in the process as the culprit in their misadventures. But this is still a free country, they can warp about anything they wish, although each time they come out with a lie, it pricks their conscience! Soon they will become like a "German propagandist" whose persistent lies were later accepted as the truth by the gullible peoples!!

Source: http://www.tausugglobalmedia.co.cc/

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