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There are many arising questions to the advocacy of the United Tausug People restoration of the Sultanate of Sulu. Many asked that the Tausug only means to the people of Jolo of Island. In here in my capacity wish to clear out and explain what Tausug really means in the context of statehood, country and nationality of the Sultanate of Sulu.

Tausug doesn’t mean representing only of one tribe. Tausug means people of Sulu. Tau means people; Sug connotes Sulu under the statehood and nationality of Sulu. Hence, Sulu people or people of Sulu are called Tausug – meaning composed of different tribes. Sulu basically is a nation-state not a mere province. What are the tribes of Sulu then? It was Buranun, Tagimaha (Yakan), Baklaya, Sama-Bajau, Dampuans and Banjar that was unanimously formed into single citizenship under one nationality of the state Sultanate of Sulu.

It is clear that Tausug is a citizenship and national identity of the people of Sulu Archipelago not of single tribe. So there is no reason for the other tribes in Sulu Archipelago or the people of Sulu not to accept Tausug as their national identity – if soon the question will arise – how about us Sama, are we still called Tausug?.

To compromise let us call people of Sulu as Sulu Citizens or Sulu Nationals of the Sultanate of Sulu, thus comprising many tribes that are now thriving within the historical, political and legal territory of the Sultanate of Sulu.

It is to be noted that Sulu Archipelago or the Sultanate of Sulu are encompassing present Zamboanga Peninsula, Basilan, Jolo greater Island, Tawi-Tawi, Palawan and Lupah Higad or North Borneo now Sabah. According to Portuguese Explorer, Duarte Barbosa, “Sulu Archipelago is extending to North Borneo where pearls and gold are found.” This was the account of the outsider who went to Sulu in 15 century – meaning people who wish to refute it is extremely ignorant of history.

We don’t have to worry about the name Tausug – all tribes and faiths are respected and recognised by this name under the statehood of the constitutional Sultanate of Sulu.
We could put it this for clarity:
  • a. Tau is people in Bahasa Sug
  • b. Sug is Sulu in Bahasa Sug
  • c. Sug or Sulu is country
  • d. Sultanate of Sulu is state and government
  • e. Tau Sug is people of Sulu
  • f. People of Sulu are nationals and citizens of Sulu or the Sultanate of Sulu.
Any historians, political leaders, professors, doctors, lawyers and others who are claiming to be intelligent to refute the name Tausug with the basis of political rights, historical rights and legal rights are very much welcome.

The only single question that worth to be asked here that is addressed to the “PEOPLE CONCERN”, “is the Tausug national identity is only a tribe in terms state of Sultanate of Sulu?”

This Tausug national identity has been binding people of Sulu for hundreds of years ago. People of Sulu were unconsciously agreed to take and embrace Filipino National Identity or the Filipino Citizenship of the Philippines - meaning people of Sulu were fooled and deceived by the colonizers after being not defeated by war and conquest – UNCONQUERED!

The only way to restore peace by the will of God is to restore Sultanate of Sulu by changing the citizenship of the people of Sulu into Tausug or Sulu Citizenship from Filipino Citizenship.

This move is barely legal that is in accordance to the Philippine Law, International Law and United Nations Charter, Declarations and Resolutions. Changing citizenship under the legal features is the right of the individual under the Basic Human Rights concept.

Thus, this move is ANTI WAR AND TERRORISM! United Sultanate of Sulu People is “DENOUNCING WAR AND RENOUNCING TERRORISM!” Any armed leaning move in the Sultanate of Sulu is condemned!

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